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Shenzhen Ander Technology Co.,Ltd

Ander LCD Factory is proud to be one of the top supply source of mobile phone repair parts since 2007. Our company, with its own R & D department, specializes in the production, development and customization of mainstream mobile phone LCDs. We have won the trust of more than 30% of the top 50 big clients in North America through our company's strengths and quality assurance. Our average customer has done business with us for over three years. 

As a top supply source, our main customer base covers large-scale wholesalers, medium and large-sized chain repair centers, refurbishing/repair factory, as well as industry customers like telecommunication, educational and government institutions. With each circle under severe control, eg. from IQC of components to QC of finished products, from details, like backlight, glue, frame, etc to finished products, we have successfully helped our customers establish their stable and reliable quality standards. This also lays a solid foundation for our long-term partnership with our customers. 


Quality Control System

Help clients get more market share With mature quality classification & supply different grades of products according customers’ needs

A Complete Factory with R & D

Complete Factory with R & D; Keep stable supply for bulk and customized orders involved in development & production of China-made screen project directly; Share the latest market information with clients.

Clear Orientation

Focus make profession. We mainly serve top midsize & large clients. And our core products are: LCD for iPhone. Battery for iPhone & Samsung,Digitizer for iPad.

Successful Cases of Big Clients

Since 2007, we supply electronic spare parts and now We have won the trust of more than 30% of the top 50 big clients in North America.



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Key Words: Premium Supplier of parts.

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Shenzhen Ander Technology Co., Ltd

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