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8S Management System-Best salesman of Ander LCD factory

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Have you heard of 8S Management System? It is the Best salesman of Ander LCD factory.


8S Management System include SEIRI、SEITON、SEISO、SEIKETSU、SHITSUKE、SAFETYSAVINGSTUDY. It is significant to improve the overall management level of the whole factory.



Distinguish between what you need to use and what you don't want to use. Do not use it to remove it and use the space to make it work.


The things to be used are positioned according to the regulations, and the quantity is placed neatly and clearly marked.


Remove dirt from the workplace and prevent contamination. Keep your workplace clean and tidy.


Institutionalize, standardize, and sustain the practices implemented by SEISO above.


Acting according to regulations, develop a habit of paying attention to work.


Manage the correct operation process, configure the appropriate staff supervision and instruction function; eliminate the factors that do not meet the safety regulations, and strengthen the safety awareness education of the workers to prevent problems before they occur.


Fully and rational use of resources, develop habits to reduce costs, and strengthen the education of operators to reduce waste awareness.


In-depth study of various professional and technical knowledge, gain knowledge from practice and books, while constantly learning from colleagues and superiors, learning the strengths to achieve self-improvement and enhance their own comprehensive quality.

This Vedio will show you how professional is Ander LCD factory

The 8S Management System enhances the corporate image. The neat and clean working environment saves costs, improves work efficiency, and does not delay delivery. This establishes the customer's confidence and good reputation for the factory, and customers who have visited the factory are happy to place orders. 8S Management System is our best salesman.



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