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Air Freight Rates have skyrocketed.

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Recently DHL/UPS/FedEx warehouse overloaded and the price for express by air rising up to 70¥/KG sharply.


We received the price increase notice from DHL forwarder that the price will keep rising in the following weeks. Some of foreign sales person said :”It is incredible that now DHL/UPS/FedEx express are overload and April was the traditional off-season for foreign sale.”



As DHL/UPS/FedEx flight were chartered by APPLE other companies for carrying cargoes & vaccines which were part of the reasons for the surge in demand for airfreight. It takes more several days for shipping.


Shippers are yet again forced to shell out higher prices. Decreased capacity and higher rates have been a staple, causing fluctuating prices in air cargo especially and in order to secure space, shippers have paid higher rates and additional surcharges.


Some freight forwarders informed that APPLE company will charter goods and ship out from Shanghai, Kunshan, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu by Air from 20April to 20May, which will cause freight rates continue to rising during this period. Considering the shipment days has been extended and public holiday (Labor day 01May - 05May,2021 ) is coming in China, please arrange your goods in advance to avoid any delay.


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