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Volume Production for OEM-Compliant Incell iPhone LCD Assembly is Coming

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Due to the fierce competition, the price for the conventional aftermarket iPhone screens is getting lower and lower. In order to lower costs, they have to sacrifice quality by using sub-standard raw materials. In turn, they get more complaints from customers and finally lose customers and further the market. Whereas in the recent years, the OEM screen has been in a state of supply instability. Thus they are unable to be supplied in large quantity stably and further meet the huge demand of the market. Is there any feasible solution to this situation? This has always been the expectation of the market. 

After several months’ R&D, experiment, sampling, small-lot production by Ander Team, we now officially release the following new product:   

OEM-Compliant Incell LCD Features:

①Advanced Touch Performance:

The thinner panel makes touch feedback more accurate and ensures outstanding response rate when the screen is touched by fingers.

②Slim Design

The In-cell technology combines the LCD, touch panel and 3D touch panel of the display into a single layer. This eliminates the space needed for a touch function cover glass and a 3D capacitive layer, and as a result reduces the panel's thickness compared to a conventional touch panel.

③Improved Durability

Since the touch is embedded under the CF Glass, users will not experience inconvenience. The touch works without any problem even when the glass cover is damaged.

What value can be brought to our customers?

A.Gain a leading edge in the local homogeneous product competition.

B.Solve the problem of conventional screen's frangibility and improve the after-sales ratio

C.Not only is display effect as well as internal structure almost the same as OEM, but also they can be supplied in bulk. 

Price:Cheaper than OEM and higher than the conventional aftermarket iPhone screens, that is to say, it lies between the two.

As one of the leading suppliers that pass ISO9001 certification LCD factory, we are dedicated to serve the midsize and large customers that have definite requirement about product stability and reliability. 

Capacity at the earlier stage is limited. More information about this product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ANDER 6S Plus OEM-Compliant Incell LCD

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