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Did you ever buy LCD with this package?

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Are you familiar with the lcd package with this logo below? Do you see it very often? Yes! Our partner sell them to many cities in North America, you can find it in tens of thousands of parts retails stores!

This package is designed by Ander and we are also the earliest one who pushed out this kind of package to the market. What are the advantages of this package?

◆ Defend the lcd from ruff handling during shipping perfectly

◆ Size of package match with LCD, save space and shipping charge

◆ More deliate, high added value

Although Ander is the earliest one use this package in the LCDs, but we also respect customers' choice if they would like to use it or not. At the beginning, we provide both bulk package and this new individual package. And now, over 90% clients choose the individual package.

Actually, package is a symbol of a company, so we attach great importance to the design and update of our package. Nowadays, more and more clients also have their own custom-made package, that is a good way to stand out during fierce competition. So if you have your own package,it's also welcomed,customized service is one of our strength.

But we will continue to upgrading the package design according to the products specification,and also create more special design of our package. Our target is:Once you see the package,you know it's from Ander!

More details of package of LCD, digitizer, battery, feel free to contact us!

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