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How to Visually Distinguish 11 PRO Original and High Copy Screens?

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The supply of original screens has always been relatively scarce. After the recent launch of the high copy 11 Pro screen, some suppliers have sold high copy screens as originals to customers to obtain huge profits. How to visually distinguish between the high copy and the original 11 Pro?

We took three quality 11 Pro screens as demonstrations. The first one is the original pulled quality, it was removed from the original mobile phone. The second one is the genuine FOG quality, it is assembled with original LCD, IC, flex, frame and high copy glass. The third one is the high copy 11 Pro screen sold in the market. The difference is mainly in the following aspects.

1. From the back of the screen, we can clearly see that the main flex on the back of the high copy screen is wider than the original screen, because the internal circuit of the high copy screen is longer.


2. There are EEPROM programming points on the flex of the high copy screen, but not on the flex of the original screen. This is also the most obvious way to distinguish between high copy and original quality.


It is a fact that no matter how good the high copy quality is, it can never reach the original level, not to mention an early immature new product with huge security risks. Therefore, for the new and not cheap screens such as 11 PRO, the wise way is definitely to buy the original quality.


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