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New Year start with new project!---Ander LCD Factory

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As of March 1, 2018, Ander B2B sales team, our Shenzhen factory as well as Dongguan factory have been fully operational. In 2018, we will further strengthen the business philosophy of "Quality First", continue to develop and launch products that differentiate from general quality products, and help the customers who have requirements for product quality to achieve differentiated competitive advantage and further stand out in the fierce price competition.  

Over the next few months, we will launch at least two competitive products:

①Copy iPhone X screen:currently the project is at the final stage of confidential develpment. Ander is expected to become the earliest to launch copy iPhone X screens.

②The develpment of the whole series on OEM-Compliant Incell iPhone LCD Assembly: Before the Spring Festival, we have given a batch of them to our old customers for trial purpose and all we get are good feedbacks(better display effect, brighter, better color, better touch responsiveness, thinner).


As an ISO9001-certified LCD factory, Ander, clearly positioned on the basis of mainly serving midsize&large customers, is looking forward to more customers who have requirements on product quality to become our partner, promoting the mature and stable development of the mobile phone parts industry together for win-win cooperation. 

New Year start with new project


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