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What is IQC and what customers can benifit from it?

IQC is Incoming Quality Control, which means QC of Incoming materials.
IQC work direction from the passive inspection to active control, quality control will be moved forward. And to help suppliers improve the quality of internal control level. Finally, reduce the defect rate and procurement cost for customers effectively.
The quality of a LCD assembly is not only affected by the quality of spare parts like LCD, digitizer, frame etc/the production technology, but also by the QC ability of each company.


The LCD we mainly use: the quality of LCD produced by different manufacturer is different.
LCD & Glass/Digitizer QC Classification

IQC of Digitizer/glass,what does a good glass means?

The IQC of digitizer/glass:
  • Cosmetic testing(Standard is same as LCD)
  • Installation matching test(If it’s perfectly match with the back housing and frame)
  • Glass Rigidity testing by Steel ball drop test. This test will be done only if clients have
specific demands. (The most common: 1.0M drop test under 50g steel ball.)
Installation Matching Testing:PASS
Glass Rigidity testing by Steel ball drop test. Drop the steel ball to test glass lens,
gradually increase the weight and height until damaged.


  • All the frame are cold press to ensure perfectly installation.
  • PASS Tensile test.
  • OEM Frame: 60-75N
  • Our Frame:≥ 80N
Tensile test PASS
Installation Matching Testing: PASS
Test if the frame is 100% compatible with the back housing.

IQC of Backlight

The backlight brightness/color uniformity/display color can be customized
according to your quality standard.
LCD&Glass/Digitizer QC Classification


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