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Thanks for the recognition of new and old customers, Ander’s main CNY(Chinese New Year) orders have been fully scheduled 35 days in advance

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Thanks for the recognition of new and old customers, Ander's main CNY(Chinese New Year) orders have been fully scheduled 35 days in advance.

In order to protect client's benefit and provide our professional value, basing on our more than 10 years's experience in this industry, our sales team advised our key clients last month to issue their CNY inventory orders to their suppliers (no matter whom they order from) in advance to make sure both delivery time and quality can be guaranteed. As a result, most of our clients trusted us, recognized our professionlism and placed the orders to us in time so that we can achieve orderly production and delivery and further realize win-win cooperation to the benefit of both our parties. Here with, thanks again for the recognition of our new and old customers. Ander's CNY orders have been fully scheduled 35 days in advance.

Why CNY orders need to be issued in advance, and confirm with the supplier about the high quality capacity?

Chinese New Year is the grandest and most important festival in China.The actual vacation lasts 3 weeks or even longer. Workers usually return to their hometown much earlier than the provided holiday for reunion with their families, especially the skilled and experienced ones(because they are rich in experience, it's very easy for them to get a new job).

Because of this, capacity will be affected. And the products made by the inexperienced ones left will be also lower in quality as well. Moreover, the closer it is to CNY, the fewer the workers. Thus capacity will drop sharply. In the meanwhile, because costs have much to do with supply and demand relationship, price will fluctuate a lot. Thus, it’s better to plan ahead and place orders in advance. Therefore, it is the responsible pratice to advise customers to place orders in advance in a rational way based on the elements like lead time, quality and cost.

As for the mobile phone aftermarket, really good suppliers are very few. As one of the leading suppliers that pass ISO9001 certification LCD factory, we are dedicated to serve the midsize and large customers that have definite requirement about product stability and reliability

PS: This is Ander's delivery goods a day.

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