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The Tough Road Ahead for Returning Back to Work - Ander LCD Factory

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The Tough Road Ahead for Returning Back to Work - Ander LCD Factory

Recently, we received many inquiries from new customers, mainly  because some of their old suppliers are unable to supply, or quality problems occurred. There is a serious shortage of supply in the parts industry. It is expected that this situation will continue for a long time. Many customers may still not fully understand the current situation that the China Enterprises facing with. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19(NCP), the Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to postpone the resumption of work and avoid the immune situation spreading, if there are suppliers who can have the goods in stock and can ship to you in time, they have sufficient strength and are highly responsible to customers. Why do we say that?


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1.    How difficult if we want to return to work?

The first step is to report and send the management level to participate in the training "how to start and prepare". Then the government will disinfect and monitor the factory environment. And last you must submit a lot of documents and application materials as below:

A: Application Form for Returning to Work

B: Commitment to Prevent and Control Epidemics of Resumed Enterprises

C: Corporate Prevention and Control Team

D: Employee temperature check record

E: Protective equipment issuance registration form

F: Protective Equipment Stock List

G-1: Personnel Information Sheet

G-2: List of moved people

H: Whole factory checklist

I: Signing of level-by-level responsibility letter

J: Enterprise response plan

K: Training files for all staff resuming work

L: Safety Workshop

M:Isolated room 


According to reports, the Shenzhen Municipal Government's approval rate for resumption of work is only 0.2%, only ANDER and SGS (world's top 500 testing companies) are the first batch of resumed enterprises approved by the government in the same zone.


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2. Lack of Workers:

Even though the workers passed the audit, the workers are a big problem and the factory is facing the dilemma of unmanned production. Many workers are trapped in their hometowns and are unable to return to the factory on time. Even if some workers have already returned to Shenzhen, they will not be able to start work immediately. According to the government's requirements, workers returning from the field will be quarantined for 14 days. Then, after getting approved, if a worker is found to have fever during work, regardless of whether the diagnosis is confirmed, the factory will be shut down and everyone will be isolated for 14 days. So this is why so many efforts have been made to achieve the resumption of work for some employees. As we know, except for ANDER, the entire industry has not resumed work, and basically works online.

3. Supply Chain:

The current manufacturing production is completely an ecologically integrated relationship between supply chain and industrial chain in-depth cooperation, and even a small commodity cannot be completed independently. They are linked together, and one of them is useless at all, but requires multiple partners in the entire supply chain. Every chain need to work together before the final product can be supplied.


And now, all the glass, IC chip, auxiliary materials factory, packaging factory are not open, so many orders that require assembly parts are difficult to supply. According to our expectations, even if some companies with inventory and a small number of raw material factories get back to work, they can only alleviate part of the demand, and the situation of short supply will continue. How long this time will take is difficult to predict for the time being. For customers who have a recent purchase plan, it is better to place an order as soon as possible.

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4. Inventory (That now we ship to customers)

The goods that can be delivered to customers now are the stock made before CNY. The amount of inventory requires strong funding, it is also a dual manifestation of the strength of the company and its ability to resist risks. Even if the order volume exceeds as estimated before CNY ,ANDER still have some stock for different models and quality. And this is still hard to reach for some middle trading companies and small factories.


We have below suggestion to our customers before the supply chain recovered:

1. Pay with caution --- Don't rush to pay because of urgency, it is the most important thing to ensure that your supplier can ship, otherwise the money is paid, the goods are not received late, and there is no funds to Find another supplier to place an order. Delays in delivery lead to loss of reputation and loss of customers.

2. Check the inventory --- Make sure that it is available from stock through online videos, pictures, videos, etc. of factory resumption.

3. Disperse orders --- Find more companies to place separate orders to reduce risks.


Finally, thanks all the customers who always trust ANDER. In this difficult period, we will, as always, try our best to supply customers with actual needs. At present, we still have some models in stock, and will be temporarily suspended after sold them out. If there is a need for stock, please contact us for sales consulting latest situation. 

Please email to or DM to 0086 15915327116 for quotation, we'll give you quotation soon after know your requirements, thanks.

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