Apple Increased Battery Replacement Service Charges

Starting from March 1st, the service fee for the Apple all model devices out-of-warranty battery will increase. According to Apple’s official website, starting from March 1, the battery replacement service will officially increase the price, and the device involved will almost cover the entire model of iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Apple's new battery replacement policy: the price will increase by up to nearly 40%.

Here is a breakdown of the extra amount you will need to pay for battery replacement for your device that’s not covered by warranty:

  • iPhone 13 and prior: $20 (total price: $89)
  • iPad Pro Series: $20 (total price: $99 to $119)
  • All MacBook Air models: $30 (total price: $159)
  • All MacBook Pro models: $50 (total price: $249)

Among them, the largest price increase is the iPhone model with button, covering the iPhone 8, 7, 6, and SE series. From $49 to $69, the price increases by a whopping 40 percent.

What caused the price increase?

At present, the cost of raw materials for batteries is rising globally, and Apple has also raised the price of after-sale batteries.

Since last year, some mobile phone manufacturers have also raised their voices due to the sharp rise in raw material prices for batteries. It is understood that the root cause of the rise in battery costs is the explosive rise in prices of raw materials such as nickel and lithium carbonate and the shortage of components.

Behind this increase are the surge in sales of smartphones and electric vehicles and the shortage of upstream battery raw materials, resulting in an imbalance between battery supply and demand.

However, this situation has eased this year, and the prices of battery raw materials are gradually returning to rationality.


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