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Apple iPhone SE Cell Phone Li-ion Battery

● High Battery Capacity: 1624mAh.
● Voltage: 3.7V.
● Compatible only for the Apple iPhone SE (not for 5s or 5c).
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Ander

Cheap Price Cell Phone Battery For iPhone SE Made in China

Apple iPhone SE Cell Phone Li-ion Battery 
Product Name: Apple iPhone SE Battery 
Brand: Ander
Model: Apple iPhone SE
Battery Capacity: 1624mAh
Battery Type: (Lithivm)Li-ion Battery
Cell Quality: AAA Best Quality
Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Cycle: Over 500 ~ 800 Times
Processing Time: 1 ~ 3 Days

Cheap Price Cell Phone Battery For iPhone SE Made in China

Raw Materials Ander's iPhone SE Battery Others iPhone SE Battery
Certification: PASS CE, FCC, RoHS No Certification and Guarantee
Zero-cycle: Yes, 0-cycle Used, Refurbished or B Grade Cell
Cell Material: Yes. 100% Pure Cobalt Not Pure Cobalt, Mix Manganese, Ternary, ect. Low cost
IC: Use Dual-control IC on The "+" and "-" of the Battery and Protection Board General IC, or Single IC
Flex Cable: New. The Tray on the Flex is Original New, With Higher Re-usability Refurbished
Protection Board: Same Design and Same Size as Original Differ From Originals, Easily Lead to Incompatibility. Bigger Size Than Originals.
Protection Board Processing Mode: Make The Spot Welding by Laser Spot Welding Machine Manual Welding, Solder Joint Size is Uncontrollable
Life Time: 400 Cycles 300 Cycles
Defective Rate: 3‰ Our Testing Flow:
1. Full Inspection From Protection Board, Semi-finished Products and Finished Products.
2. Full Inspection of Finished Products Twice+Chip Test Once+Motherboard Spot Check
3% Usually is Spot Check
12 Months 3 ~ 6 Months
Customized Design Printing: Yes, Can be Customized No, Fixed

Cheap Price Cell Phone Battery For iPhone SE Made in China

▲ Standard Battery as Well as CE/RoHS/FCC Compliant Battery Can Be Supplied;

▲ 100% Real Capacity;

 Brand New and Zero-Cycle

Cheap Price Cell Phone Battery For iPhone SE Made in China

◆ Serve >30% of the top 50 big customers is North America;

 The average customers cooperation time >3 years;

 >80% visiting customers choose to cooperate with us;

 The average defect rate of core products<1.5%.

Cheap Price Cell Phone Battery For iPhone SE Made in China

Quality above all---It's one of our core strengths and what we most concerned.

The quality is not only affected by the quality of each spare parts / the procuction technology, but also by the QC system of each company. Therefore, the quality is different for the same model of LCD supplied by different supplier. Based on our reliable QC system and mature quality classification, we can supply different standard products according to different clients' demand, and help them facing the fierce competition currently.

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