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Are you Troubled by the Expensive Price of iPhone X OEM Screen?Here Comes the Solution

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In further debunking of the notion that the iPhone X was a "flop" or a "failure" —which was conventional wisdom as recently as the end of April —the flagship Apple device is now the world's best-selling smartphone model, according to a release from the research firm.

global smartphone shipments& marketshare in 2018


According to our customers' feedback,since the original screen of iPhone X is very expensive,  and the supply is not sufficient,so they are really troubled by the sourcing of iPhone X OEM screens. So our R&D team developed an replacement screen which is use original OLED as material. Until now, the sales volume of iPhone X aftermarket screen are reached 200,000pcs the last month.


Why this replacement screen is so hot? The main reason is:

Only need to pay half price of OEM screen,get the same user experience as OEM ones.


Below are some details after comparison:

1. Perfectly match after installation

Perfectly match after installation of iphone screen 

2. color and brightness very close to OEM

color and brightness very close to OEM

color and brightness very close to OEM (2)

3. Factory supply, the quality and supply are both guaranteed. 

Factory supply,the quality and supply are both guaranteed

If you are interested in more details about our company video,the pricing of the item,feel free to contact us!Our mission is: bring value to customers,and focus on customers’ needs!






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