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How to choose replacement screen for iPhone X?

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As the leading manufacturer of mobile phone LCDs,we would like to share some suggestions to you in professional,objective and concise words to tell you the features of various iPhone X screen.You can choose the most suitable products according to the demand of your customer and your market.


As we all know, 100% brand-new original screen is impeccable,but it is limited by the supply capacity and high price.So there are some different types of products appearing in the market to meet the different demand of customer.

There are mainly 3 types we can provide you in big quantity,with different features and price:

  • 1.Original FOG ver

  • 2.China-made OLED ver

  • 3.China-made TFT ver


    1.For FOG,which using original glass and cable,has mature pressing process.Its appearance and performance is same with original screen.We have stable supply chain for FOG now.In addition,we already got many good feedback from our customers,and its price is obviously lower than original screen.

    2.For China-made OLED,the construct is same with original screen.High color saturation,high brightness, low power consumption.The performance of OLED is close to original screen,and its price is little lower than FOG.While it is a new product,we need some time to receive the feedback from customer.

    3.For China-made TFT,continuing the structure of the previous China-made LCD assembly,has backlight.It has normal function,and can supply large quantity.The price of TFT is much lower than above types,but the performance is not good as OLED.


    All in all,if you and your customer pay much attention on quality and do not want to bear some risks,then we suggest you to order FOG. It already got good feedback from the market.If your customer want screen which similar to original one,but they can not accept the price of FOG,then you can choose to order OLED. TFT is your best choice if your customer just look at the price.


    If there are many different types of customer in your market,and it is not a easy thing to make decision,then Ander suggest you can buy some different types of samples for your customer to check.


    What we done is to tell you the difference between the products, and let you know how to choose the products to satisfy your various customers in the market.


    Pls do not hesitate to contact our sales to get latest quotation and sample!

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