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On October 14th, International E-Waste Day, the non-profit organization WEEE Forum released a set of alarming figures. According to the content, among the 16 billion mobile phones of global users, 5.3 billion will be reduced to e-waste this year.

Mobile phones have now become the top four categories of electronic waste most commonly generated by general consumers, and the report calls for greater recycling of used mobile phones. So what to do with abandoned cell phones?

1. Recycle cell phones.

On the one hand, used mobile phones can be regarded as precious resources. Many components in it are rich in precious metals such as gold and silver, and the grade is much higher than that of gold and silver ore of the same quality, and the potential for reuse is huge. There are three main directions for the recycled used mobile phones: mobile phones with short market time and good functions will flow into the market after refurbishment; if there are small damages, the available parts will be dismantled and reused; if they are completely unusable, they can still be used for the extraction of raw materials.

On the other hand, if not handled properly, used mobile phones will become a huge source of pollution. Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium may enter the soil and groundwater, seriously threatening the ecological environment and human health.

2. Repair instead of replacement (best solution)

When equipment is damaged, we can repair it instead of replacing it. The European Parliament passed the right to repair act this year to improve the durability and repairability of electrical appliances.

A survey conducted by the European Union in April showed that when home appliances is damaged, 77% of EU consumers’ first choice is to solve the problem through repair, and 79% of EU consumers believe that manufacturers should be required to improve product repairability or Replace specific parts.

You need a strong supplier to support your repair business.

Now not only countries but also ordinary consumers are aware of the importance of the environment. Judging from the annual growth of e-waste, the market potential for mobile phone repairs is huge and long-term. So you need a strong supplier to support your repair business. We are the right choice for you, why choose Ander:

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The COVID-19 outbreak has had a clear impact on our use of electronics and digital solutions, people are more reliant on electronics. But E-waste is a big problem. While many steps have been taken by countries in hopes of alleviating this growing problem, they would be a drop in the bucket without the positive actions of many ordinary people.

This year’s International E-Waste Day focuses on the critical role each of us plays in enabling the recycling of electronics. Currently, the European Commission is developing new eco-design requirements for electronic devices to improve durability, make them easier to repair and facilitate consumers to make sustainable choices.

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