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iPhone X Aftermarket Flexible OLED VS OEM OLED

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Recently,the mature replacement lcd assembly of iPhone X are available.There are three types of screen,flexible OLED,rigid OLED and TFT screen.Which one of them will be become mainstream?

Actually you will make different choice when you considering from different element.

If you want the lowest cost and not high quality standard,TFT will be a good choice;

If you hope to find the replacement which has same quality and function as original,but cost is far lower than original ones,The flexible OLED must be the one and only choice.

However,the rigid OLED is too fragile,and not cost effective,so we really don’t recommend.

flexible OLED,regid OLED and TFT Tianma

1. Durability and safety

The material of flexible OLED is polymer,which is very flexible and durable.The material of rigid OLED is glass,it's fragile.So it may cause much loss during installing or shipping.

flexible OLED from ander lcd factory

2. Perfectly match after installation

Flexible OLED is perfectly match after installation just as OEM.The regid OLED's housing is wider than OEM as below.

Flexible OLED

3. Thickness after installation

The flexible OLED has same thickness just as original ones after installation.

The flexible OLED

4. Display color and brightness

Same color and brightness as original ones after installing flexible OLED.

5. Temperature Comparison

Temperature Test under the same standby time:the flexible OLED's temperature is almost the same with original.

flexible oled (2)

ANDER LCD factory is specialized in phone parts for 10 years. We always try to make the products and service close to customers' needs,that's the why leading customers trust and choose us as strategic partner. And according to our customer research,the top 3 questions which the end users care:

1. The replacement OLED works same as OEM?

2. The replacement OLED looks same as OEM?

3. Is it durable?

Obviously,the Flexible OLED solve these problem perfectly.


If you are interested in more details of Flexible OLED video, package, price, just tell us!


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