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Quality Classification

  • Price





  • Brightness





  • Color Gamunt





  • Touch Function





  • Polarizer
  • 360° View Angle
  • True Tone
  • Oleophobicity
  • Low Power Consumption

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Experience Unparalleled Precision and Performance with Our Superior Specifications

1:1 Original Size

High Brightness

360° Full View

Sensitive Touch

Wide Color Gamut

Extend Battery Life

iPhone LCD screen specification

Exclusive Supplier Who Develop True Color Technology

93% NTSC High Color Gamut

30% improvement in image quality, CCT(K)7500+_500

iphone lcd wide gamut

True Tone Restore

We Always Provide the Most Efficient Repair Solution.

1. True Tone

Ture Tone support

Model Available:

For iPhone X – 15 Series

Removable IC LCD

Saving 1/3 Working Time to Fix This Error.

2. Non Pop-Up

Removable IC Screen

Quality Available:

Incell / Hard  OLED / Soft OLED

One-Stop Customization Service

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Logo Design

packaging design

- Step 2 -

Packing Design

Your logo products

- Step 3 -

Your Brand Products

brading package

- Step 4 -

Branding Package

phone parts warehouse

Sourcing Screen Replacement from ANDER

-- China Top Cell Phone Parts Manufacturer

1. For Brand Owners:

• We offer other screen brands in the market with strong supply advantages.
• We can help you create your brand to avoid price wars and stand out.

2. For Wholesalers:

• We ensure a stable supply chain, guaranteeing consistent product quality.
• You benefit from competitive pricing.
• Our diverse product selection fulfills your one-stop shopping needs.

3. For Chain Repair Shops:

• Access high-quality LCD screens to enhance the quality and reputation of repair services.
• Receive professional support and after-sales service to ensure optimal assistance during the repair process.

We Only Sell Business to Business (B2B)

Focus on service purchase volume is not less than 600 pieces per month

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