Increase repair & refurbishment efficiency by 50%

Phone Refurbishment & Repair Machines

√ Low Overall Cost √ Wide Range √ Durable √ Efficient

Mobile Phone Refurbishment & Repair Machine Solution

We offer tailored top-tier solutions to refurbishers, repair shops, wholesalers, and repair academies, helping you enhance repair efficiency and service quality.

Why Ander is Your Best Choice

We not only have extensive experience in the phone parts field but also possess unique advantages in the refurbishment and repair tools sector, making us the trusted first choice.

High Quality and Compatibility:

All products undergo rigorous quality testing and meet high precision, stability, and compatibility standards, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Deep Support:

With an industry-leading 399-day product warranty and permanent technical advisor support, we ensure you receive unparalleled service.

Product Focus:

Based on market-leading and mature refurbishment & repair solutions, we focus on providing intelligent, convenient, and efficient repair machines.

Customized Solutions

Providing tailored refurbishment and repair tools to meet customer needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Global Customer Trust Stories

Our products have received high praise and recognition from numerous customers. Here are some testimonials:

"Nice Machine. Our overall costs have decreased, efficiency has increased by 50%. We've ceased retail to focus solely on refurbishment."

D***k Manager of a Refurbishment Factory

"As expected work well, easy to use, and my customers are all satisfied."

J***r Owner of a Mobile Repair Shop

"Good price/quality. We've expanded into machine distribution, significantly boosting our sales revenue."

R***a Wholesaler of Mobile Accessories
    phone parts warehouse

    Sourcing Mobile Phone Repair Machines from ANDER

    1. For Refurbishment Factories:

    • We provide efficient repair solutions to boost production efficiency.
    • Competitive pricing ensures cost-effectiveness.

    2. For Repair Shops:

    • Our high-precision machines reduce human errors, shorten repair times, and enhance customer satisfaction and reputation.
    • Multi-functional repair tools address diverse repair tasks, saving money and time.

    3. For Wholesalers:

    • We uphold standards of high precision, high compatibility, and stability to ensure a reliable supply chain.
    • Our diverse product selection meets your one-stop shopping needs.

    It's Time to Be Ahead of Your Competition
    and Achieve Greater Success!

    We Only Sell Business to Business (B2B)

    Focus on service purchase volume is not less than 600 pieces per month

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