Important Battery Message Pop ups Removing 100 Fixed

It has been verified that the “Important Battery Message” will show up after putting in an aftermarket battery or a genuine Apple battery. And the cycle count of the new battery will show the cycle count of the original battery.

Why is Non-Genuine Battery Warning Appearing on Your iPhone?

Apple has encrypted the battery of the iPhone XS and models above. If you replace a third-party battery, battery replacement does not decode, the battery and the phone will not match, and the system can not identify the battery, it will display a “non-original” message. To solve the problem, today we will share solutions for how to fix the Non-Genuine Battery Warning.

1. Remove the protective tape on the BMS board.

Please note do not break the flex cable.

step 1

2. Remove the original battery BMS board.

  1. Align the anode and cathode respectively.
  2. Solder with the Spot Welder.
  3. Add protection tape.
step 2

3. Install the BMS board.

Install the BMS board and turn on the phone. “Important Battery Message” is removed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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