Ultimate Guide to Sourcing iPad LCD Screens

In the iPad repair industry, although the market demand for iPad aftermarket LCD screens is small, purchasing screens that meet customer needs can not only reduce costs, and increase profits, but also attract more customers. Today, I will share with you how to source iPad LCD screens.

Generally, there are 3 qualities of aftermarket iPad screens on the market:

  • Original iPad Screen

The original iPad screen is mainly from the original disassembled screens. The screen display effect and touch sensitivity are the same as the original one. The price is very expensive. The original disassembled screens on the market are currently out of stock, and the supply is unstable.

  • Original FOG

The original FOG LCD raw materials of the iPad are the same as the original iPad. After installation, the display color and touch are almost the same as the original screen, and quality is guaranteed. The price is cheaper than the original one, and it is a cost-effective product.

  • iPad Assembly Screen

The iPad assembly screen is assembled and modified with the screens of other tablet brands. There is no difference in the touch of the tablet computer assembly screens of different brands, but some of the backlight colors are incorrect and cold. The screen display effect is slightly worse than the original, and the price is cheaper.

About the iPad touch screen

The quality of the original iPad touch screen, the original FOG, and the domestic assembly screen is not much different. They all use G+F technology. The light transmittance of the screen reaches 93%, 32 touch channels, and there is no polarization problem and rainbow pattern.

About iPad LCD Assembly

The iPad LCD assembly is mainly used in high-end iPad models, such as iPad Pro, etc. There are fewer needs for replacement of the iPad LCD assembly, and most of the screens are damaged by the touch glass. The advantage of the iPad LCD assembly lies in the integration of glass and liquid crystal, and the industrialized OCA vacuum lamination and defoaming, which is of better quality. The quality difference of the iPad LCD assembly lies in the quality control standard of the iPad assembly manufacturer, and whether the structure and size of the iPad LCD assembly can reach the effect of 1:1 with the original.

Where to find a good iPad LCD screen supplier?

Ander will provide all kinds of quality iPad digitizers with a 1-year warranty. Our strict QC system ensures that the defective rate is kept below 1%.

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