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Why Ander LCD Factory still attracts many customers, even if visitors is far less than before?

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The visitors are far less than before in this trade fair.As you can see the photos below that take in the information desk and lobby.But what make Ander LCD factory so hot?Although pass the closing time,our booth is still FULL!

Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show-ander lcd factory (4)

So What makes Ander LCD factory so outstanding?Here are some clients’ comments:

“Their latest aftermarket LCD for iPhone is amazing!Very close to OEM.”

“The iPhone X OLED flexible attracts me a lot.”

“Their iPhone X OLED flexible replacement is really competitive.”

Of course,except these new products,our quality management and supply capacity also approved by most customers.That’s why there are several clients place trial order directly after testing.Thanks very much for your trust!We are still here on 8G35.What are you waiting for?

Below are some photo on our booth:

Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show-ander lcd factory (2) 

Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show-ander lcd factory (3) 



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