The 2024 Global Source Mobile Electronics Expo, held from April 18th to 21st, concluded successfully, with Ander once again shining brightly with its outstanding quality and innovative products. As China’s Top Electronic Repair Parts Supplier, Ander showcased its latest products and services at this exhibition, attracting a large number of visitors’ attention.

Ander Exhibition photo

Throughout the exhibition, Ander’s staff engaged in enthusiastic and in-depth discussions with visitors, demonstrating the performance and features of our products, which garnered widespread attention and praise. Ander also presented exquisite gifts to our esteemed clients, expressing our gratitude for their long-standing support and trust.

Furthermore, Ander specially designed a unique VIP lounge for our VIP clients, providing a safe, comfortable, and face-to-face environment for deeper communication. This initiative was highly appreciated by our clients, further demonstrating Ander’s commitment to their success.

Ander extends sincere gratitude to all clients, partners, and attendees who participated. We will continue to strive towards providing superior and innovative products and services to our clients, and we look forward to our next spectacular appearance together.

Stay tuned for our next exciting showcase!

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