How to Select a Good iPhone Battery Replacement Supplier

The life of the iPhone battery is limited. For Apple users, the power and battery life of the iPhone will definitely affect the user experience, so many users will choose to replace the battery. Because original batteries are expensive, and third-party aftermarket batteries are becoming more popular, whether you’re a wholesaler or a repair shop, it is crucial to know how to choose a good iPhone battery replacement supplier.


  • Non-Genuine Battery Warning

Usually, third-party aftermarket batteries will issue a non-original warning and can’t see battery health. Generally, a good manufacturer will take care of this part of the problem, saving you time and money.

  • Standby Time

Standby time refers to the continuous use time after the battery is installed in the mobile phone to the next charging. If there is no “standby time”, there is no guarantee that the battery is not a “bad battery” or “recycled battery”.

  • Safety Protection Circuit Board

Without the “protection circuit board”, the lithium battery may be in danger of deformation, leakage, and explosion. Most unscrupulous companies do not mention their protection technology like IC protection or NTC protection. It is best to choose a battery with 9 intelligent protection functions.

  • Certification

Generally, regular companies will provide battery certification, and such companies are more secure.


If you need a large quantity, you should buy the batteries directly from the factory to ensure there are no middlemen. Of course, the factory won’t take small batch orders, you can buy from wholesalers and the price will make you profitable.

Aftersales Service

Batteries Replacement always comes with a six-month to a one-year warranty, Make sure to choose a supplier that offers a one-year warranty.

Where to find a good iPhone battery replacement supplier?

The advantages of Ander battery replacement

  • Normal Charge Under 0℃
  • Excellent Lithium Polymer Core
  • Up to 95% conversion rate
  • Smart ic chip
  • 9 intelligent protection functions
  • Real Capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • 100% display battery’s health
  • UN 38.3, CE, RoHS, FCC Certifications

The advantages of Ander factory

Ander will provide the highest quality battery replacement with a 1-year warranty. Our strict QC system ensures that the defective rate is kept below 1%.

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