Tips To Improve the Battery Life Of Your iPhone

When we use the iPhone, we often encounter the situation that the phone often runs out of power. Tried many ways to set power saving, but the power consumption is still very fast. Today I will explain to you tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

1. Adjust screen brightness or enable auto-brightness

This helps significantly improve battery life, and the only time you’ll likely need to crank your phone to 100% brightness is outside, in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its brightest. At any other time, you can reduce your phone’s brightness to 75% or lower.

You can use dark mode, which also saves battery power. If you don’t want to change your screen brightness and don’t want to use dark mode, you can turn on auto-brightness. This will optimize the battery consumption of the backlight.

2. Adjust app refresh settings

Most apps on your phone connect to some kind of server somewhere to send and receive data. Don’t forget to close some apps if you don’t use them as they will drain battery life.

3. Minimize auto-lock time

Set Auto-Lock to 30 seconds. This way, your iPhone will automatically go into standby mode when not in use, which is crucial to conserving battery life.

4. Turn off location services

In addition to 4G and Wi-Fi data, iPhone automatically uses the built-in GPS antenna to accurately locate the device. Many apps use iPhone location services which ultimately hurts battery life.

5. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

A common drain on battery life is turning your phone’s WiFi or Bluetooth on when you’re not using it, as they drain your battery scanning for networks or devices to connect to.

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